Fielding, St Paul St, Gallery 3, Auckland (with Clare Fleming and Jill McIntosh)

March 2022

Exhibition documentation

What can an art practice become if the object is not the goal but the activator?

How can microscopic imagery foster an intimate relational empathy?

Donna Haraway argues that post-modern visualisation techniques are without apparent limit, that vision “in this technological feast becomes unregulated gluttony” with “cameras for every purpose” (Stacey Alaimo 2019, 404).

As a tool, microscopic imagery is used primarily as a source of understanding for the purpose of taxonomic categorisation.

Can the intimate imaging of these materials be understood as the closeness of cohabitants rather than as objects of investigation?

Key to this project is the new materialist idea that distinct entities and identities do not precede an event, but rather emerge through their intra-action. The field of relations includes the human participants as they move through the space, each human body a complexity of it’s own relations. Subjectivity always newly becoming.