From things flow

With Charlotte Huddleston, Kate van der Drift, Kathryn Tulloch, Shelley Simpson and Teresa Peters.

From things flow is an openly relational project that thinks through things. It is an intentionally haptic engagement of thinking via the process of making, and it is made of acts of conceptual and ontological curiosity. Physically and speculatively engaging with material is a way to experiment, explore, and express something. It is also a way to be in communication with lively non-human bodies. Via the artists’ interest in materiality, processes, and temporality From things flow engages all of our senses: touch, taste, smell, hearing, vision. It also has space for what lies beyond our human senses; for sitting with the potential in ontological indeterminacy to make space for conceptual creation. [Charlotte Huddleston, From things flow]

Held at RM in July 2021, From things flow was a collection of works, unravellings, experiences and events that queried the concept of agency both within and without our bodies.

The publication is supported through the RM publication and writing grants.

From things flow is available to purchase for $30. Please email to make an enquiry.

Alternatively, you can download a digital copy here. Please note that all copyright is held by the authors.

From things flow
Texts by Charlotte Huddleston, Kate van der Drift, Teresa Peters, Shelley Simpson and Kathryn Tulloch
Designed by Kalee Jackson
Soft cover
Published by From things flow with support from RM and CNZ, 2022
96 pages
ISBN 978-0-473-61831-5
Edition of 100
Printed at SOAR
Tamaki Makaurau Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand

The Entities
Sarah Callesen and Shelley Simpson, with text by Luke Munn, 2018

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